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The Cape Verde Music Award winner for the best instrumentalist of 2010 >> More info





Hernani Almeida was born on April 7th 1978 in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde Islands.

He starts his musical activity at the age of 7 with a little keyboard that he replaces at the age of 14 by a guitar, instrument that remains his favourite till nowadays.

In 1994, he formed his first rock band « What », immediately catching the attention of the main Capeverdean artists.

After an invitation of Gerard Mendes (Boy G.), he starts playing traditional music, in an European tour.

Since then, he started playing with the big names of Capeverdean music, Bau, Sara Tavares, Tcheka, Mayra Andrade.

In 1997 he joins the Bau formation (Cesaria Evora’s former guitarist) to record two albums, and sign a few compositions.

Between 2000 and 2004, he learns classical music and jazz in the Conservatory of Music of Oporto, in Portugal.

In 2004, he works again with Tcheka in the album "Nu monda", where he was the musical director.

This album is rewarded with the prize “Découvertes RFI (International France Radio) Musique du Monde”.

in 2005 he’s named “best guitarist” and, in 2006, “best artist” of the national prize "Nôs Música", awards given annually to recognize the best Capeverdean artists.

Finally, at the age of 28, he decides to record his first solo album, called "Afronamim".

Meanwhile he pursued with his career, namely being producer and musical arranger. 

"Afronamim" was his first solo CD, and Hernani encircled himself with a private trio, constituted by the musicians who habitually play with Cesária Évora, to record ten instrumental songs, influenced by different musical currents, afro and jazz, nourished by a certain Creole soul and by traditional rhythms as morna, coladeira and funaná.

« (…) A spellbinding album which proves us, the already big adulthood of this artist.

Hernani Almeida, talented guitarist, instills a breath of fresh air in the capeverdean music ».
Dominique Robelin

« (…) Hernani, is in my point of view the hope of the Capeverdean music, because of his natural inspiration and his desire to raise the music by a certain discipline ». 
Paulino Vieira


"Afronamim" First Concert

Afronamim First Live Performing - Click on the pictures to enlarge

Artist biography as musical director, studios, concerts & tours

• 1997 - Dany Mariano, Boy G. Mendes, Bau, Voginha e Herminia

• 1999 * 2000 - Bau ( Blimundo, Harmonia);

• 2001- Mayra Andrade, Sara Tavares;

• 2002- Dulce Matias (Mel d’cana, Atlantic productions); Bau (Silencio, Harmonia), Dudu Araujo (Pidrinha, Rb records); Tcheka (Argui, Lusafrica, Harmonia);

• 2003 - Homero Fonseca;

• 2004 - Tcheka (Nu monda, Lusafrica, Harmonia Mundi) Prémio Descobertas RFI;

• 2005 - Swagato with Olinôs (Global Music); Gabriela Mendes (Tradição, Casa da Morna);

• 2006 - Dudu Araujo (Nôs cantador, RB records); tour with Tcheka (Europe and Africa);

• 2007 - Tour with Tcheka (USA and Europe); toon switch; Princezito (Musical

Direction); Tcheka and Lenine, recording in brazil for the album "Longi"; Vadu (Dixi rubera) musical director;

• 2008 - Isa Pereira (musical director); Habib Koité concert (Alliance Française from Mindelo); recording with Frédéric Galliano